Pilbara Aboriginal Health Planning Forum

The Forum’s aim is to be highly regarded by and be effective partners with a wide range of interested governments, service agencies, experts, corporate business leaders and academic and other training and research institutions where there is clear intent to benefit the health and wellbeing of Pilbara Aboriginal people.

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Information sharing and knowledge building

The Pilbara Forum is a unique body enabling:

  • Information sharing and knowledge building;
  • Cooperation and shared commitment; and 
  • Scope for joint planning, collaborative solutions and coordinated implementation strategies.

Membership and partnerships with the Forum offer better potential and scope for leveraged authority and influence in all dimensions which affect and have the potential to improve Aboriginal health and wellbeing in the areas of:


The Objectives of the PAHPF are to:

  • Operate as the leading authority on Aboriginal health and wellbeing; the wide range of issues and factors causing or compounding high rates of ill health and poor outcomes; and offers the greatest scope and potential for shared commitment, collaboration and coordination of effort. 
  • Operate as an effective vehicle which regularly and formally brings together health service providers operating in and across the region to communicate and share information and ideas; monitor activities and impact; and to jointly develop and facilitate implementation of ideas to reduce duplication, cover service gaps, ensure the best possible coordination mechanisms and help to solve problems and remove barriers to success. 
  • Agree a Statement of Intent which embodies the commitment and agreements of Forum members to work together; and to share information, knowledge and resources for the deeply shared goals of: 
      1. Improving access to health services and care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People in Pilbara; 
      2. Building and sustaining the Forum as a highly relevant body to all key stakeholders and members; 
      3. Impacting positively on important decisions, directions, actions and results; and 
      4. Providing real value to member organisations and key stakeholders. 
    • Advocate and negotiate on behalf of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in Pilbara, for better access to health resources and funding, and improved access to Primary, Secondary and Tertiary care. 
    • Work collectively to monitor, address and devise strategies that will alleviate recruitment and retention issues confronting the Pilbara Region in attracting health professionals. 
    • Improve the education of all health workers on: 
    • Pilbara Aboriginal culture — values, beliefs, customs and practices; 
    • The critical importance of, respect for and security of culture in the many health service settings; and 
    • The health status of Pilbara Aboriginal people, the issues and factors associated with current rates of poor health and wellbeing and the implications for care and service delivery models and systems functioning throughout the region. 
    • Ensure Pilbara Aboriginal peoples and their communities are consulted and kept abreast of the strategic developments to improve their health services and care systems locally and in the wider district and regional systems. 
    • Advise, guide and monitor academic research activities in the field of Aboriginal health and wellbeing studies 



    Aboriginal culture of the Pilbara people


    Cultural models for care, services and working with Aboriginal people in the Pilbara


    Learning and knowledge through sharing, education and training


    Community consultation


    Leadership and influence


    Action and results

    Guiding Principles

    The Pilbara Aboriginal Health Planning Forum’s aim is to be highly regarded by and be effective partners with a wide range of interested governments, service agencies, experts, corporate business leaders and academic and other training and research institutions where there is clear intent to benefit the health and wellbeing of Pilbara Aboriginal people.

    1. Engage in a manner that is accessible, accountable, respectful and inclusive; 
    2. Operate in a collaborative manner, which builds on existing structures and networks wherever possible; 
    3. Work to develop programs which consolidate and strengthen existing services; 
    4. Aim to serve the interest of all communities in the region and ensure the equitable delivery of services throughout the Pilbara; 
    5. Maintain its commitment to cultural security; and 
    6. Ensure Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services maintain a leadership role in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health in the Pilbara region and that this is reflected through the vehicle of the Forum and its operations.


    The governance structure comprises:

    Executive Team




    Executive Team

    The Role of the Executive is to: 

    • Nominate the Chairperson from respective organisations on an annual basis 
    • Agree on agenda items and presentations 
    • Provide advice on issues within a short turn around 
    • Ensure that emerging issues are brought to the attention of the Forum 
    • Ensure that the secretariat is functioning and supporting the forum 


      Associate members will be considered on an as needs basis and will be considered as observers of the Forum. Associate members include:

      Due to the nature and business of the forum and for decision-making purposes, Membership to the PAHPF is restricted to the Chairperson and Chief Executive Officers and/or Department Heads of the membership organisations. 

      Roles of Forum members: 

          • Provide support to the Forum to meet the objectives of the Forum; 
          • Attend and participate meetings of the forum. 


      The Secretariat function will be undertaken by a project officer working in conjunction with the Chairperson.

      Wirraka Maya Aboriginal Health Aboriginal Corporation will be the fund holder of the PAHPF

      The role of the secretariat is to

      • Prepare the agenda for each meeting in consultation with the members

      • Forward papers and agendas to all members 7 days prior to meeting

      • Organise the meetings including venue and catering

      • Ensure a minute taker has been provided with templates and other documentation

      • Provide draft of minutes to Chairperson

      • Distribute draft minutes to members as soon as possible

      • Assist with drafting of correspondence to be sent on behalf of the forum

      • Circulate any incoming documentation

      • Ensure document control is managed

      • Ensure website is current



        • The position of Chairperson will be rotated among the Aboriginal Health Services Core Members on an annual basis; 
        • The Chairperson will represent the Pilbara Aboriginal Health Planning Forum at the State Aboriginal Health Network (SAHN) meetings. 

        Meeting Frequency

        • The Forum shall meet on bi-monthly basis. 

        Meeting Location

        • Venues will be rotated amongst the three Pilbara Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations. 


        • A Quorum shall consist of 70% attendance of core members; 
        • In the absence of a quorum, decisions would be subject to the notification at the next succeeding full meeting of the forum; 
        • At least one ACCHS must be present for the meeting to occur. 

        Circulation of the agenda and action sheets

        • Notice of all meetings and supporting information shall be dispatched one week in advance of the meeting; 
        • The Secretariat may move to cancel or postpone a meeting if there are insufficient attendees or business to warrant holding a meeting.

        Recording of Proceedings

        • Minutes will be recorded in an action report form: 
        • The report will outline the issues covered, the actions arising from the meeting and the party responsible for the implementation of each action. 


          • Decisions made by the Forum will be endorsed if supported by the majority of members in attendance at the meeting; 
          • There shall be one vote per agency/organisation and this individual should be able to make a decision for their organisation or abstain from voting; 
          • Organisations/agencies are to declare a conflict of interest in terms of seeking to support decisions made by the Forum. 


            • Due to the strategic planning and decision-making nature of the regional forums, it is not advisable to send a proxy to represent the view of the decision maker. 
            • However, in exceptional circumstances, representatives who are unable to attend a meeting may nominate a proxy to attend. 

            Sub Committees and working parties

            • Sub-committee’s will be formed and disbanded as required. 

            Accountability and reporting to the

            • Pilbara Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People and their communities; 
            • Each respective agency and its Executive Management Committee/ Board; 
            • Aboriginal Health Council of Western Australia; and 
            • State Aboriginal Health Network. 

            Observers and Officers in attendance

            • From time to time PAHPF members may arrange for a limited number of officers, observers or guests at PAHPF meetings for 
            • Provision of supplementary and technical advice for consideration as required 
            • Provision of support and advice to individual members 


            The Forum welcomes applications for new membership, associate membership and/or strategic formal partnerships where this will expand its relevance, impact and value across the full spectrum of health and wellbeing for Pilbara Aboriginal people ranging from: 


            Maintenance of good health through measures which properly address the Social Determinants of Health;


            Prevention of and protection from causative factors to diseases which can become chronic and debilitating and shorten lifespan and which are mostly preventable;


            Detection, treatment and ongoing management of identified conditions of a chronic and progressive nature; and


            Treatment of presenting health issues of an acute or semi acute nature.

            Organisations who seek membership of the PAHPF are required to complete a written application form which will then be reviewed by the PAHPF Executive.  

            Organisations seeking to become a member of PAHPF must: 

            • Be based in the Pilbara or have a substantial regional presence; 
            • Have health or health and wellbeing related service delivery as their core business; 
            • Demonstrate a commitment to providing services that address gaps and seek to reduce duplication of existing services; 
            • Demonstrate significant relationships with Aboriginal people in the region. 

            Organisations seeking to join the Pilbara Aboriginal Health Planning Forum should complete the Application for membership to the Chairperson stating their reasons for joining and the contribution they can make to the PAHPF’s role